Losing Openened windows in kde

Dear all,
this have happened already quite few times. It always happens accidentally , I am pressing something to the keyboard and happens

all my windows from all desktop dissapear + plus their corresponding window entries in the taskbar!
One can see the programs still running by using top but you can not see their graphical interface anymore.

I am not sure what this problem might be and as I said I do not know how I can recall it.\

Would you have any suggestion?


Have you either switched workspace or activity?

This might be the case… what do you mean by workspace? Virtual Desktop?
Any kde shortcut to try might help …

Yes Virtual Desktops/Pager. Switching is Ctrl+F1 for #1
Ctrl+F2 for #2

But it seems unlikely you would be making that combo

What I have noticed is that let’s say that I have opened thunderbird in workspace 2(I have 8). and that I am working at number 8 workspace. When I Switch to workspace 2 quite often I get an empty worksace.

No programs visible at the bar down not any open windows. Of course the windows do not appear even if I wait one whole hour!

So, what I found is that when I try to relaunch thunderbird then all the windows reappear to workspace 2.

What might be that problem?

How do you switch virtual desktops? The pager, i.e. the plasmoid that sits by default in the bottom panel, has a feature that hides every window if you click on the current virtual desktop.

That might be the reason as well!!

I have assigned from kde’s control panel shortcuts for switching desktop
(ctrl+1, ctrl+2… ctrl+8)


Or just a general lack of understanding of the kde workspace.

that might be as welll… Could you please make your implication more clear? Some documentation will also help


My comment was to suggest you perhaps don’t understand that plasma workspace has many configurations.
It wasn’t meant to be prejudice.
If I had seen a number of similar such reports as yours, I have given you a less critical observation. However, as far as I know, you seem to be the only one having this issue.

You need to figure out what you are pressing accidentally

Did you test a new user login, to see if it behaves the same.