Losing hard disk space since installng Leap

I recently installed Leap from 13.2. I don’t have a large hard drive so I monitor my space continually. I use Bleachbit to free space. Since installing Leap 42 vs OP13.2 I have lost about 2GB! Is there a way I can recover this space or does this really involve so much more memory?

Do you have Btrfs as file system? It is the default for /. If so, check https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Snapper and reduce number of snapshots it can make time they are preserved.

Thanks. Don’t have snapper installed. Could it be something else?

What about .xsession-errors* in home directory? And what about logs in /var/log/? There are applicatons KDirStat and Filelight which may help you trace the most consuming directories. Try them.

You need to determine <where> you lost your space.
Which partition(s)?

On my systems with limited disk space, I never accept system defaults…

  • I decline the option to create a separate /home partition. When you first install, you may or may not know how much disk space you might need for apps and personal files and might adjust partition sizes accordingly (or accept the default) but if you want maximum flexibility without later adjustments, just decline the separate /home partition and install everything on a single root partition.
  • Unless your hard drive is very tiny, snapper is installed and likely creating big snapshot files(you didn’t say how you’re so sure snapper isn’t installed and running). you can test whether it’s installed with the following in a root console by running the following and seeing whether anything is returned
snapper --help

And see if any snapper snapshots have been created

snapper list

If you see snapshots, you can remove them, you can remove multiple snapshots by specifying multiple numbers with a space between

snapper remove *number *

I don’t necessarily recommend stopping snapper altogether, you might find it’s a lifesaver one day. But, if the existing snapshot creation config isn’t to your liking, short of changing the config you can simply remove unnecessary snapshots manually (They’re removed automatically on larger systems).


Doesn’t btrfs take more space overall?

So, even without snapper installed it wouldn’t be surprising to have less disk space.

At least, show us something facts like

df -h

and indicate which partition is getting fuller and fuller.

No, btrfs is no different that any other filesystem all have overheads and need maintenance (eg balance cronjob) . The only thing is that btrfs can use snapper to take snapshots, control that via the configs and all should be good with respect to space.

By default /home is now excluded which, as I learned in the early days of btrfs and snapper filled things up quick… :wink:

I have seven systems here, all run btrfs and snapper on 40GB / partitions without any problems or filling up of disks…