Lose free disk space after failed back up

Hi everyone, I am very new to linux but once I have tried using SUSE 11.1. I love it and never go back to windows.

However, I just got a problem about the disappearance of free space on my hard disk.

The total space is 48.1 Gb and I use about 16 Gb before I did a back up.So the free space was about 32.1 Gb. The back up was fail by some reason but the disk space was already taken. I can not find the backup (.tar) file. And now it said my free space left only 6.7 Gb. It’s about 25Gb lost!

Anyway when I checked the properties of entire folders in file system it showed that the total used size is 16 Gb.

Anyone have any idea what happed and how to get the free space back?

I also looked at hidden folders, temp files, etc., but they are not quite big in size.

Open Konqueror and select
View>View mode>File size view

It will take a few minutes to do all the calculations but you should see any big folders fairly clearly with their sizes.