Lord of the Rings Online

Anyone interested in a “Lord of the Rings Online” tutorial for the upcoming openSUSE 11.4 ?

I have tested it, and it has impressive performance. I can probably make a package of pylotr (Python Launcher for it) In case anyone uses it.

I thought this might be interesting because in Europe currently Lord of the Rings Online is free (but has a small online shop where you can spend real currency for some options).

this is the so called PyLOTRO launcher:


I am interested. :slight_smile:

How and where can I test ?

Well I haven’t done the tutorial yet, nevertheless this are the requirements:

  • Wine (available through ‘zypper in wine’)
  • The game Installer (which can be downloaded from one of the following pages, note it is different software for US and Europe), game is around 10GB’s:
  • You need PyLOTRO which you can get here: LOTRO Launcher for Linux
  • You need to install .NET Registry hack for wine (fakeNET11.reg)
  • You need to install mono for Windows
  • You proprietary 3D drivers (nvidia and ATI work, intel I don’t know)

Cook all of that together (plus all the updates required) and then you can play LOTRO :slight_smile:

My hardware is a ATI M92 RV730 and it does give cool performance compared to Windows 7 which I installed to compare FPS rates, though I haven’t done that step yet.

WARNING: There are many reports that LOTRO only works through the Online Client Downloader. I’ve used this method and downloaded 10.5GB’s of the release and then a huge stack of updates. Reports indicate that this is only way, installs from the original retails media do not work in most of the cases (if at any).


I still need to test some tweaks to increase performance, I know I can still pull at least 30% more performance :wink:


I’ll be patient. :wink:

Once you’re satisfied, post your how-to. I’ll be glad to try it out.

Hello ketheriel!

Seems like great fun, but do you know if it would be possible to run it using the 64 bit Wine? I have read elsewhere that it runs fine on 64 bit XP/Vista environment and I am a bit reluctant to install all the dependency packages to use the 32 bit version of Wine, so it would be nice if I could play it that way.

When I did ‘zypper in wine’ it did pulled some 32bit packages, but I am pretty sure I am using the 64bit wine for this.

So far it seems to have increased performance on the loading processes, which are slightly faster than Windows, and in-game performance still needs a couple of tweaks to see I can get a bit more out of it. It’s playable though.

I hopefully have some more time to work it this weekend :wink:

Thank you for exploring this. I’ll give it a try.


I apologise for a long time without developing more this issue. I’ve finally got a bit of time to pick this up.

I’m also doing an interview soon with Marcus Meissner from openSUSE which is also a Wine developer for a very long time and going to use this game as an example of wine capabilities.

During this time, I’ve also builted a test package from the python launcher (LotRO isn’t launched by the normal Turbine launcher) in order to make this more friendly to openSUSE users. Right now I’m looking into the necessary tweaks for max performance (includes some winetricks and some regedit hacks) and I’ll see if I can merge those tweaks with the launcher installer, so that users have less hassle.

While this are just still separate pieces, if anyone find this useful, you have a test package for openSUSE of the Python Launcher for LotRO, which requires obviously a previous install of the game (therefore wine).

For those who know how to install the game, fee free to test the python launcher available on my home project in OBS:


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A more detailed wiki version for the next days…

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