Looping to Blank Screens & GDM Login After Wakeup From Suspend

Suspend problems with new 12.2 Gnome 3.6 installation: Suspended it last night for the first time. Wakeup from suspend took approx. 2 minutes. During that time the screen was gray with a one-inch bar of green across the top. Main screen appeared and I entered the overview and clicked on Yast. The screen flashed black, then the GDM login appeared. (I’ve deselected login after suspend.) Logging in produces a blank green screen, then a second screen of another tone of green, then a blue Gnome screen, all in the space of a few seconds. (The Accessbility icon is visible even though I have removed it via extensions.) Going to the Dash and selecting Yast again repeats the cycle.

This is a 64-bit machine with a Gigabyte motherboard, an Intel i7-2600k and an SSD as the boot and root drive.