Looking to Install 2 programs

Frostwire and Nicotine + they both have outdated RPM’s for 10.x that dose not support 11.3. They have newer .deb files. What would I have to do to install a .deb file. Navigate to the file using CD (change dir) and then?

Model: Toshiba L505-ES3045 (Intel i3, 4gb Memory, OpenSuse 11.3/Windows 7, Intel HD Graphics)
OS: OpenSUSE 11.3

Prior OS’s: Mac OS/X11/Fink/Windows XP/Vista/7.

Hello new2suseos,

Could you tell us where you found those RPM’s?
I searched with the Software Search and found Frostwire 4.20.6 for openSUSE 11.3.
Here’s the link: http://software.opensuse.org/search?q=frostwire&baseproject=openSUSE%3A11.3〈=en

Using the same methode I couldn’t find Nicotine+ for you.

There is a command line tool called alien.
It’s capable of converting deb packages to rpm.
To use alien follow these steps:

  1. Install alien with YaST Software Management.
  2. Open a terminal and go to the directory containing your .deb file.
  3. Enter this command:
alien --to-rpm ./<PACKAGE>.deb

It could work, but there’s a big chance it doesn’t.
This is because the original package is specially made for a distribution.
That distribution has different versions of library or need some patches.
You could try it but I recommend you compile it from source or search for a alternative.

If you’ve got any question feel free to ask!

Good luck!:wink:

yeah I tryed alien. It did not work as Deb is for Debian and is worlds apart. Thing is I wanted a debian based system but only slackware based systems seem to like my Toshiba. There was this pclinuxos based on Mandrivia that supported deb files but didn’t work. Maybe in the future Alien will evolve into something I can use. Opensuse really is picking up on Distrowatch and I do like it. Maybe that will compel devlopers to program for it. Yast and RPM is so much nicer that DPKG. Really blows my mind that people just won’t release updated rpm’s. I’m going to keep this instalation of Open Suse for sever purposes and VM box another distro for General Use Instead of making another partition for redhat.

PackMan :: Package details for nicotine-plus

For Frostwire, I downloaded the latest tar file, unzipped it and placed the resulting folder into folder in my home. There is nothing to install just create a link to application, command is /home/user/FrostWire/frostwire/runFrostwire.sh. I works fine. The double frostwire is just how I set it up, if you just put it in your home folder the command will be /home/user/frostwire/runFrostwire.sh