Looking to buy mp3 player

It’s a great piece of engineering. Kind of along the Unix philosophy in that it does one thing, and it does it extremely well. :slight_smile:

Let me add my experiences here by repeating what I just wrote in another thread:

When it comes to sound I highly doubt any portable player can seriously beat the Sansa Clip+ (or the Fuze), at least not after it’s rockboxed. I have been using an ancient player until I bought that Clip+, and the main reason was that I was never quite satisfied with the sound of newer players; either it was just flat (iRivers, iPod Classic) or highly adjusted even with a “0”-EQ-setting without offering serious settings (peak-EQs or none at all, Cowon, iPod Shuffle), so I used my player for more than five years (a →Pontis SP600, very good sound, extremely durable, almost no functions and a maximum of 4GB storage, though).

The most important thing for me has always been sound. I came across the Clip+ while browsing various headphone-forums (head-fi.org and the like) where it was often recommended despite its low price. I use it with an →AKG K142 HD (because it’s one of the better headphones that can be easily driven without using an extra preamp) and really: sometimes it feels like someone is pouring sweet cream inside my ear. :slight_smile:

Sansa clip is really the best out there. The good thing here is if you look at the box it says linux compatible.
and I like the oggvorbis format than the mp3 that this tiny piece is supporting.