Looking glass broke after a recent system upgrade

i have a VFIO setup, i use looking-glass-client to display my GPU framebuffer and play games/use windows with 3D accel
since a recent system upgrade, i can no longer use looking glass, i’m getting the following error :

13:01:15 (kyral@kdes)-[~/repositories/looking-glass-B6/client/build] 
(0)-$ ./looking-glass-client 
[I]   1402791683              main.c:1785 | main                           | Looking Glass (B6)
[I]   1402791694              main.c:1786 | main                           | Locking Method: Atomic
[I]   1402791819           cpuinfo.c:37   | lgDebugCPU                     | CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor
[I]   1402791821           cpuinfo.c:38   | lgDebugCPU                     | CPU: 1 sockets, 8 cores, 16 threads
[I]   1402799185              main.c:1162 | lg_run                         | Using font: /usr/share/fonts/truetype/DejaVuSansMono.ttf
[I]   1402799407           ivshmem.c:128  | ivshmemOpenDev                 | KVMFR Device     : /dev/shm/looking-glass
[I]   1402803077             audio.c:159  | audio_init                     | Using AudioDev: PipeWire
[I]   1402803082                ps.c:245  | purespice_connect              | Connecting to socket
[I]   1402807447               rsa.c:178  | rsa_encryptPassword            | Using Nettle
[I]   1402807705                ps.c:268  | purespice_connect              | Connected
[I]   1402807764             agent.c:103  | agent_connect                  | Connected to the spice guest agent
[I]   1402807775      channel_main.c:167  | onMessage_mainName             | Guest name: Win11-VFIO
[I]   1402807779      channel_main.c:183  | onMessage_mainUUID             | Guest UUID: 64984802-aca5-4998-ab02-c49f58ec8f36
[I]   1402812593                ps.c:644  | ps_connectChannel              | RECORD channel connected
[I]   1402817948                ps.c:644  | ps_connectChannel              | PLAYBACK channel connected
[I]   1402822640                ps.c:644  | ps_connectChannel              | INPUTS channel connected
[I]   1402822677           channel.c:312  | onMessage_notify               | [notify] keyboard channel is insecure
[I]   1402822701               egl.c:267  | egl_initialize                 | Double buffering is off
[I]   1402822706              main.c:1116 | tryRenderer                    | Using Renderer: EGL
[I]   1402840901                gl.c:58   | waylandGetEGLDisplay           | Using eglGetPlatformDisplay
[E]   1402870406               egl.c:819  | egl_renderStartup              | Failed to create EGL context (eglError: 0x3003)
[E]   1402870417              main.c:176  | renderThread                   | EGL render failed to start
[I]   1402912093           channel.c:258  | channel_internal_disconnect    | RECORD channel disconnected
[I]   1402912113           channel.c:258  | channel_internal_disconnect    | PLAYBACK channel disconnected
[I]   1402912123           channel.c:258  | channel_internal_disconnect    | INPUTS channel disconnected
[I]   1402912149           channel.c:258  | channel_internal_disconnect    | MAIN channel disconnected
[I]   1402912157                ps.c:330  | purespice_disconnect           | Disconnected

the LG devs said it was related to my system cause i’m apprently the first to mention this issue in years
does anyone know what i can do ?

are you in wayland or x?
part of your post menions

**wayland**Get**EGL**Display           | Using **egl**GetPlatformDisplay
**egl_**renderStartup              | Failed to create **EGL** context (eglError: 0x3003)

you are getting an egl error it seems which could potentialy be caused by the egl libraries from wayland. I would ether reccomend running your application in X or trying to downgrade your system from a snapshot (assuming you have them enabled).

if you do, it is possable to find all the wayland/egl components that were modified in the update and then provide more information to both LG and wayland… once you have this information, you can theoretically selectively downgrade (or uninstall and install old versions) hoever this mignt be a serious ballache and potentially kill somthing.

if you do not have a snapshot or wish not to use them, I would also reccomend reinstalling the wayland and egl components, along with your looking-glass-client application.
alternatively you could try to run an upgrade with:
su zypper dup
to see if it was a faulty package that caused your issues…


Did you check the openSUSE Leap 15.x dependencies required by Looking Glass?

yeah, i’ve compiled LG a while ago correctly, based on my research there was a bug in mesa causing this error which got fixed recently

problem solved