Looking forward to upgrade but have some questions

Hello, I eventually would like to kick WXP to the curb and I have been using Suse for a year or so and I am looking forward to upgrading my desktop from 11.0 to 11.2 but have a question or two. First, I got pretty good at changing and upgrading Windows through the years (started w/Win 3.1) and have kept my mail & folders in Outlook from system to system, is there a way to keep my Evolution mail folders and contents if I do a clean install, I still struggle with where things are saved in Linux? I am afraid I still struggle with Suse but I continue to try to learn. Also, is it anticipated that since there are so many 64 processors out there that support will be greater? I remember last time I started with 64 but had to reinstall with 32 to get all the driver and application support I wanted. Thanks for any help.

Most of your data and settings are located in your /home folder. If, when you installed openSUSE, you put /home in its own partition, then an upgrade would be very simple. If not, you will have to back up your /home folder and copy stuff back in after the upgrade. Either way, I would strongly suggest backing up /home.

If you’re moving from 11.0 to 11.2, you might want to individually copy stuff back rather than overlaying the /home folder with your backup. The reason being is there are changes between KDE3 and KDE4 on where settings are stored, etc.

Other than the /home folder, the only other folder (that I know of) to consider is /var/lib/mysql if you have a mysql database installed. That’s the default location for the databases.

Thanks, that seems easy enough (I think).

You’ll be fine if you completely back up /home. Make sure you include hidden files/directories in your backup. There should be a setting in your file manager to “show hidden files”. Hidden files and directories in Linux begin with a period in their name. For example, .mozilla is the folder where firefox settings and bookmarks are stored. Your evolution mailboxes might be in a .evolution folder. I’m only guessing because I don’t use evolution. If you have to migrate data back into your /home folder after the upgrade (considering that /home was not in its own partition), then one by one copy your browser folder and email folders back. I usually leave KDE or GNOME specific folders alone unless there are files within that you specifically need to restore.

Overall, I think upgrades in Linux go much easier than on Windows. Most data and settings are in one place in Linux. Windows usually scattered data.

Thanks for the info, I did give Home it’s own partition so maybe that will be easier. I do have an Evolution folder so I will give it a spin. What do you think about 32 vs. 64, do you think there will be greater support this time around?? Thanks for your advice.

From what I’ve read, most the developers now have 64-bit PCs. Hence 64-bit is now getting better testing. There is still the occasional app/driver that has a 32-bit version and no good 64-bit version. But overall, my view is it is now an even split between 32-bit and 64-bit when deciding what to install. The future, given the developers superior capability to test 64-bit, lies IMHO with 64-bit.