Looking forward to Milestone 2

I enabled the factory repo today and did a zypper dup to my Milestone 1 install and there was over 800 MB of updates. The kernel is now up to 2.6.30, Firefox is 3.5 beta 4, and KDE is 4.3 beta 1. Everything is working pretty well.

I had a problem with printing with my original Milestone 1 install, but ater the update it’s working again.

Milestone 2 is supposed to be available in about 5 days. Of course, it’s always possible that more things will be broken with that release, but I’m looking forward to it anyway.

I really enjoy testing all this stuff.

There are some more changes: Factory/News - openSUSE - including the switch to gcc 4.4

Great news that they finally included an updated kernel. I tried milestone1 but had far too many problems with it - old kernel (s2r not working on kernels older than 2.6.28 for me), audio not working - something about phonon, no Nvidia driver, the same old hal.freedesktop.org dolphin error (on trying to mount usb drives), KDE4 mount widget thing not recognising my USB drive until actually mounted (this is a KDE4 problem, not a suse problem), “make” not being automatically included when installing gcc, and they still had the ancient version of the hplip software!

I’m sure 11.2 will be great when released :).

Thanks to all for any and all testing.

We have a call for testers here:
openSUSE-11.2 - CALL FOR TESTERS - openSUSE Forums

Please note, milestone1 and all other subsequent milestone releases should be installed to help the community test those releases.

They should not be installed as a replacement as one’s main Linux desktop. My eyes roll up inside my head everytime I read a post of a user that appears to have installed an alpha, beta, or milestone release, with the plan that this will be their main desktop (and then get frustrated because if fails some key function, and they make a big post out of how they returned to their main OS in frustration) … Instead test the release, find the key functions that are missing, and please write bug reports. Write bug reports!! Testing without writing bug reports does not help. …

Note I always recommend a sandbox PC (to install a milestone release) or on a separate partition sharing the hard drive with one’s main Linux OS (only IF one is comfortable with Grub edits if and as required).