Looking for suggestions for a wireless keyboard with integrated pointer

I’m after a wireless (radio or bluetooth) media keyboard with an integrated pointer (track ball preferable to track pad) that works well with openSUSE. It’s for use with my PC dual booting oS11.3 and XBMC. Any good ones out there?

I looked in the HCL but didn’t see any keyboards listed.

Hi tpx60

I was using TrackBall Globlink GKM-700 for years with Windows and last years with OpenSuse 11.2. However, trackball doesn’t work with OS 11.3 (I’m finding out why). Is there a new version that even charge your rechargeable batteries (you don’t need a charger apart like with mine).

Maybe it’s too late and you bought another one.

See you

Thanks for replying. I just bought a Ceratech Accuratus Toughball. It seems to work well enough with oS11.3. It’s not perfect as it does droop the odd key and the pointer isn’t as smooth as using a mouse but it works well enough for what I need it for.