Looking for suggestions for a good VPN service

I’m looking for a good VPN service that will work well with openSUSE. I don’t mind a paid service. What’s important is that it’s reliable, doesn’t affect the bandwidth too much and don’t mine your or use your data to sell to 3rd parties.

I’ve looked at StrongVPN but they say they don’t support any Linux distro other than Ubuntu. I’m sure it can be made to work with oS but would prefer to use one that supports oS if possible.

Are there any others that people here use or can recommend?

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Forgot to say, the service needs to be able to provide IPs the US and UK.

On 02/06/2011 10:06 AM, suse tpx60s wrote:
> Are there any others that people here use or can recommend?

i’m not sure what you are asking for…VPN doesn’t require a
‘provider’ in the sense of an ISP…instead, VPN is a software
solution (implemented at the various termination points of the virtual
private network…it is a virtual network which uses the intetnet
which you already have provided…

so, my recommendation is to read more on VPN…

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Ok, I understand what you’re saying but if I want to use a hotspot I’ve read it’s recommended to use a vpn to keep your data secure so it cannot be sniffed. Also, when I travel I want to be able to still access sites like BBC iplayer which may be blocked if you’re outside those locations. Also, using a hosted vpn services provides a degree of anonymity which today is a good thing with all the prying eyes these days.

I assume that vpn service providers can provide the above facilities otherwise I would need to install the vpn software on my hosting account which I am not sure would be possible.

I was interested in hearing from people that use these services and hopefully could recommend ones they are happy with.

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