Looking for someone that is a master on OpenSuse 15.1

I have a new program running but saying it needs Oracle JRE 8 - update 11 or later.
I have downloaded JRE-8u211-Linux-x64.rpm.

Frankly, the instructions are confusing even for me, usually I can figure it out.

These are the instructions above

If we can do a “remote session”, that can help me figure out or basically show me the proper steps to remove and install this on my machine. I would be eternally grateful.

So the versions supplied with openSUSE Leap 15.1 don’t work (8, 10 and 11)?

zypper se openjdk

The following over the years has been the authoritative document describing how to install Oracle Java on openSUSE


Looking at the document history,
It doesn’t look like significant changes have been made since last year,
The last time I personally reviewed it (nearly a year and a half ago), it was impression that the instructions on the Oracle Java website were sufficient to work… so the above SDB wasn’t even all that necessary.

Oracle has a habit of changing how its release works from time to time…
Recommend you try following the SDB and if you have any issues or questions you can’t work out, post.

You’ll notice that the SDB is written by someone not that familiar with openSUSE and as written you’ll be executing sudo plenty of times instead of simply executing the commands in an elevated console.

Some highlights from memory…
You’ll need to decide whether to install the JRE or JDK, I’ve found that the JRE isn’t usually sufficient because the openJDK equivalent is usually enough to run anything. The JDK may be needed because the extended functions from Oracle are more often a bit different than what you’ll find in openjdk-devel.

As usual, you can install either an RPM or a TAR. The RPM has been easier to install.
Until very recently (by release, not date), the Oracle install replaced whatever Java was on the system, recent releases support side by side installs using alternatives.

If any of the above is unclear,
Best if you ask beforehand… particularly if you don’t actually know whether you need to install Oracle Jave.
Most common use of Java is supported by openjdk from your openSUSE repo.


Line 38 from your pasted instructions is the key instruction - run that command as root, and it’ll install Oracle’s Java for you.


Are you absolutely certain that, the application absolutely needs Oracle’s Java?

  • There’s not that much Java around which doesn’t execute correctly on OpenJDK.
  • There is a Catch-22: the change from Java 8 to Java 9 and later and, the equivalent OpenJDK versions …