Looking for some feedback

Hello, I am developing a YaST module to manage update-alternatives. You can see the code on github.
](https://github.com/yast/yast-update-alternatives)Also I am looking for some feedback, if you want to help you can install the module with

zypper in yast2-update-alternatives

and execute it with

/sbin/yast2 update_alternatives

This wont do changes on your system unless you execute it with sudo.

It will be nice if someone can try it and give me some opinion or suggestion about the UI or another thing.

PD: I don’t know if this is the correct place to post this. Sorry if it is not the correct forum.

This is simply calling a YaST module. And it would also be possible to execute it from the YaST GUI (and ncurces). It will allways have to be executed “as root”. YaST will force that imho.

And of course you should try to find out how to create a YaST module from what you have.

Right now, if you install the module you will not see in YaST GUI (or ncurses), because the module is not ready yet. In a future it will be possible.

This is the normal way. But if you execute as I said in the first post you can try it, and when you try to save the changes, an error will appear because don’t have permissions. This is nice if you want to try the module without making changes on the system.

BTW, testers can find more info, screenshots, etc about this GSoC project in his web page:


happy hacking!