Looking for software to display time from multiple time zones

Hi - I’m looking for a program that will digitally display the time in three different cities - all showing at once. I don’t care if it is a panel applet or stand-alone. I’m using Suse 11.3 and Gnome. Any suggestions?


The program xclock will show the time in a window (and I have no doubt that there are more of those).
To let it show another time zone then the time zone the user has defined, use the TZ environment variable; E.g. when I do

henk@boven:~> xclock &
[2] 15202
henk@boven:~> TZ=UTC xclock &
[3] 15208

two windows are opened, one shows the local time for the Netherlands, the other one shows UTC (two hours earlier).

And in case yo do not know what to put in the TZ variable, look a /usr/share/zoneinfo. Alls the dirctorie/files there can be used, thus:

henk@boven:~> TZ=Asia/Calcutta date
wo jun 15 23:56:07 IST 2011

gives you Indian Standard Time for the command (in this case *date, *but you can put xclock or another time showing pogram there) that is put after it on the same line.

When you wonder how that would show in English, we do the same trick with LANG:

henk@boven:~> LANG=C TZ=Asia/Calcutta date
Wed Jun 15 23:58:46 IST 2011

Or simply add more places to the panel applet for date and time, right click, preferences, add places. You’ll even get the weather.

Thanks - problem solved. I had the cities plugged into the Clock panel applet all along but was too ignorant until now to realize all I had to do was expand the applet to see the clocks. Another example of being a highly educated idiot.

Henk - played with xclock some but I like the applet better. Thanks for your response.

Nice you solved it. It was not about xclock. That was only an example. I tried to show that you can run any command within a different timezone if you want so. Thus giving you a starting point for using the program of your choice.