Looking for pcretest

I use pcretest to check out regular expressions used with pcre. I can’t seem to find the program on OpenSUSE 11.2. It is supposed to be in pcre-doc, which is installed, but the program is not on the system. There is doc for the program in /usr/share/doc/packages/pcre-doc, but pcretest is nowhere to be found. Has it just moved or does this qualify as a bug?


On 11.1 it comes from the package pcre. Have you go that installed? (I don’t have 11.2 on this machine yet.) I wouldn’t expect an executaable to be in a doc package.

OK, apparently it is in pcre-tools, not pcre-doc. The doc package did seem to be an odd place for it, but RPM finder seemed to indicate that it was there. A search with YaST for “RPM Provides” pcretest, didn’t find it.

Thanks for the response. Have a good night.