Looking for openSUSE OS Template maintainer for OpenVZ


I’m a member of the OpenVZ community (Main Page - OpenVZ Wiki) and we have a number of OS Templates for various Linux distributions including but not limited to Fedora, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. We have some openSUSE OS Templates but they are pretty outdated… and it would be great if we could find someone within the openSUSE community who would be interested in maintaining openSUSE OS Templates so OpenVZ users could easily create openSUSE OpenVZ containers.

Anyone already using OpenVZ who might be interested?

Another OpenVZ community member, Robert Nelson… has updated the OpenVZ OS Template building application (named vzpkg2 and pkg-cacher) and tried to make it openSUSE compatible but wasn’t familiar enough with openSUSE to overcome some packaging issues he ran into (mostly related to arch). Anyone interested in working with Robert on his new tools to make them openSUSE compatible so it can easily build openSUSE OS Templates and keep them updated?

If you have any questions about OpenVZ, please feel free to email me or check out the project website I linked to above.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Dowdle
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