Looking for Mobile Phone with Linux syncing

Hi. I presently have a Blackberry 9900 Bold, but can’t find any way to sync it to my KDEPIM.

Does anyone have suggestions regarding a different phone i could sync to my KDEPIM program?

Has anyone had a good experience?

Support for Blackberry devices is weak, so you may well be flying on your own with this…

Someone was asking about barry packages several years ago
I don’t see anything available in OBS now though, so you may need to build yourself.

Some notes on how a user got their Bold 9650 model syncing with KDEPIM


Any Android phone will sync with KDE contacts and calendar via Akonadi’s Resources Configuration for Google Contacts and Google Calendars And Tasks. I have used this for several years and it generally works very well. There is one small bug in Akonadi’s Google Contacts sync where edits on the KDE side don’t always sync back to the google server, however, everything else works great.



@gldickens3: That’s all very good, but the OP is not using a phone with Android. He’s using a Blackberry device.

But he asked also for what phones worked.

Sorry, missed that. I would choose an Android-based phone over unsupported Blackberry any day. :slight_smile:

I don’t use KDE so no idea what KDEPIM does exactly, but I’d definitely recommend a phone running a GNU/Linux distribution over other phones. Unfortunely I believe currently the only ones available that come with it out of the box are the Jolla phone and the Ubuntu phones.

If you can give some insight in what KDEPIM does or what you want the phone to do with it, I can tell you if it will work with a phone running Sailfish OS. (You’ll have to ask someone else for information on the Ubuntu phones.)

Thank You very much for this information. Do you (or anyone else) know where I can find a 64 bit version of Barry? I don’t seem to be able to find one at Sourceforge

Thanks, Bob

But that would require me to use the KDE4 version of KDEPIM. I use the KDE3 version, that works much better than KDE4.

I’ll look at it though.

I found copies at RPM Search. Thanks.

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