Looking for Meta Data EXIF/ID3 info in Dolphin KDE4.3+?


I want to share a feature that dropped between KDE4.2 and 4.3.

You used to or want to get all the meta data EXIF/ID3 information within the Information Panel of Dolphin? Like seeing the pictures dimensions? Audio Codec? Video Codec? etc… Like it is in KDE3.5? Very useful, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Well there is a problem at the moment and I highly encourage everyone to at least vote and comment the bug at kde.bugs. This will help KDE Dolphin developer to work on the issue (that’s what he said).

This link gives you screenshots of the feature (from the KDE dev’s blogspot):
ppenz: Information Panel

This link gives you more screenshots:

This link gives you a conversation between users about that problem:
[Help] Dolphin - NO meta data in information panel • KDE Community Forums](http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=62458)

This link gives you the KDE BUG to vote and comment for:

The problem is with nepomuk and strigi. You need to have both running and perfectly running, if you miss libs or something it won't work. And I am not even sure if it can 100% work for all files, I need to test. Strigi slows down a lot some machines and logically speaking, why indexing all files just to show picture dimensions? They agreed on that at KDE bug.

Plz vote and comment the bug on KDE to help get back this information.

Currently out of the box in 11.2 it does not work. As expected. To make it work I am unsure yet what to install and setup.

To have the info within the ToolTip is a possibility (that I prefer), but it’s not in 4.3 yet, supposed to be in 4.4 but I don’t see it part of the features list, so I don’t know. The tooltip does not use nepomuk and strigi to get meta data info.

So if you were wondering what happened and how to get the meta data information, I believe you have all information in the links I provided above.

tnx! :slight_smile:


Just noticed this one in KDE 4.3.4 and I thought something was broken on my system

Can’t believe the KDE developers have taken this route to show simple metadata.

Bad design decision >:(

the ‘problem’ is that Dolphin Sucks! I was banned from KDE for saying so.
I like and continue to use konqueror.
But, you are right, that is exactly why I’m here today.
Where did this one and only usable feature of dolphine go?
Sorry, can’t vote for this, banned from login.


You noticed that this thread is from 2009?

They should have seen Dolphin in 2007… it was even worse then!