Looking for Live CD Linux partioner

Hi. I’m looking for a Live CD partioner that will let me reformat a 5.6 TB Ext4 Partition to NTFS. Any suggestions?

AFAIK you already asked about this in some other thread. NTFS is a proprietary FS from Microsoft. There are no linux distros, live or not, that can handle that since MS won’t allow that. You have to do that from Windows, and AFAIK you can do that during install.

AFAIK GParted will format ntfs, live USB Tumbleweed rescue system, install GParted if not there and should be good to go…

Yes, the Gnome Partition Editor (GParted) is the way to go. Here’s a list of detailed features…


has bootable window 10 to format disk and repair NTFS disks

As I mentioned in the other thread,
There are different versions of NTFS, so it’s problematic whether anything other than you Windows OS will format your NTFS properly. You can do it, and then your Windows may want to do a “repair” on the file system.