Looking for feedback on LAMP article just added to openSUSE

Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server (lamp - openSUSE

As I found a rather empty page concerning LAMP while searching the wiki (it just stated insert text here) or something like that… I did just that… and images to!

As I like doing things the GUI way I made quite a few screenshots, and the quality of the jpeg’s I used on torrent server, a page which I wrote sometime ago annoyed me… so now I went for png’s (losless)… but they total in at nearly half an MB, can’t be much fun for those without broadband.

Any feedback on either article is appreciated (and opinions about the image filesize to), edits wont happen any time too fast though… as it’s 4 hours passed midnight here and I’m almost falling asleep in my chair :wink:

Axeia, great job :slight_smile:

phpMyAdmin is available in this repo: Index of /repositories/server:/php:/applications/openSUSE_11.1

I’m planning to write wiki articles on installing Joomla and Drupal. Your LAMP article can be a great introduction for them :slight_smile:

Was keen to look… but the page is (still?) blank here?

Mmmh it’s the forums fault actually, if I copy and paste the link and then post it… it loses the last round bracket ‘)’ from the URL. It can be editted to this: Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server (lamp - openSUSE)) which does work though.

Which does work. If any admin who happens to read this would modify the link in the first post it would be appreciated.

I’ll post in the forum suggestions/bugs subforum after lunch.

phpMyAdmin has been added to the story… and I found out that I have been going mad over the ****ty wiki syntax for nothing as at least an ordered list and tables can be done like in HTML. So I ended op adding a whole bunch of those ;).
Abusing tables for layout makes me feel dirty… but it seems like a necessary evil on the wiki as I can’t figure out how to float an image?

Don’t think Drupal/Joomla belong on the openSUSE wiki… or do they come with some sort of package for openSUSE somehow?

Okay this isn’t really related to the topic anymore… but if you’re interested in CMS’s give http://e107.org a try, last time I tried a bunch I liked that one the best


The wiki sucks. Atleast you can get rid of tables. To float an image to right:

<div style=“float:right; margin-left:50px;”>

The reason I want to write articles on Drupal/Joomla is I noticed a lot of people on Drupal/Joomla forums finding it difficult to install Drupal/Joomla on openSUSE (well on other distros as well but some distros like Ubuntu have nice wiki articles this/this). People usually get stuck with write permissions, enabling clean URLs and such.

Yup, e107 is great. My personal fav is TYPO3 (German engineered ;)) but now i’m being forced to use Drupal and starting to love it. :slight_smile:

P.S - After you feel your article is complete please submit it here.

Thanks for the tips, can’t seem to figure out how to move it to the howto list though, feel free to take matters into your own hands and move it as it’s done in my opinion.

On advice of a friend I added a description to what the commands do and changed some little things (including exchanging the tables for floating divs ;))

I noticed wordpress already had an article up btw, so if anyone would be against such things it would have been removed by now I guess.

Article added: HOWTOs - openSUSE

Once again thanks for this detailed howto, Axeia :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :wink:

Added a PHP Documentor HOWTO article today, as well as adding its link to the howto section (did succeed myself this time) and as a link at the bottom of the LAMP article.

After playing around with wiki for sometime I came to know that almost all MediaWiki editing sintaxes can be used in opensuse wiki!

So to float an image of thumbnail size 400px with caption to right you’d put:

[Image:Earth.png|thumb|400px|right|Screenshot of Google Earth]]

The result of above syntax here.

Complete tutorial at wikipedia here.

What about adding the article to HowToForge.org?

Rather have it in one place, easier to make changes and it wont compete with a dupe for the search engine rating. Not to mention the amount of ads on howtoforge is quite annoying, especially since they’re flash which always gives a ridiculous CPU load under linux (at least for me, on 3 different boxes).