Looking for DVD copying software recommendations.

I am asking if there is a Linux software (or even a free Windows 'ware) that I can use to to make copies of DVDs for myself and myself alone. I want original quality copies if possible (if not, then really high quality copies), not the crappy, ugly copies like the videos my local Bollywood video store rents to me.

Here is my project-

I have a set of DVDs for my kids that I want to edit and recopy so that the events on the disks are in chronological order. As the disks are right now, you can tell that they made one disk, said “this is selling well, let’s try another one” and so forth until now there are three of them with the order of the events chronologically out of whack. Imagine an American History DVD that covers from the Mayflower to the Gulf War and then the company puts out a second and a third all covering the same timespan, filling in the gaps as they add more videos… you can see the annoyance.

I just want to burn the chapters in chronological order over three DVDs. There used to be a Windows software that caused a lot of ire in the movie industry called Alcohol 120 that would flat out copy a DVD perfectly, I am sure that there are others, too.

No need to preach, by the way, I am aware that Hollywood pays judges to frown on this kind of thing. I don’t care.



k9copy rocks

also of course k3b

DVDShrink works over wine. what I found you have to right click on DVD and open with app’s>wine>programs>DVDShrink to get the dvd into DVDShrink

dvd::rip is another good one,has lots of options for remastering as well


On Wed, 2008-12-17 at 17:16 +0000, caf4926 wrote:
> k9copy rocks
> also of course k3b

If you want an exact copy… k3b.
But you may have to have libdvdcss installed.

Normal stuff… just need to get libdvdcss from the
VideoLan community repo and then get your programs
from the packman repo.

I normally rip DVDs to disk (full mpeg2’s in one file),
but the other day I used k3b to make a copy of a
DVD that my player didn’t like (computer had no issues),
so I used k3b and it made an exact copy that plays
fine on my TV’s player.

I also recommend K3b. It’s in the Suse11 DVD. If you haven’t selected it during system installation install through YaST. K3b has a very good and simple gui.

got to give my vote in for k9copy. been using it for a couple of years now or so. it’s very good. then, if you want, to convert to something like .avi then avidemux is an easy to use and very effective programme

If you are looking at changing the order of video clips, spanned over multiple CDs, then no typical “copy/backup” application will do the entire job for you.

Initially you will need to copy the various video clips to your hard drive. Then you will need to ensure they were copied in the correct format for re-authoring. And you will then need to re-author the DVDs with an appropriate menu in place for each. Once re-authored you will have to reburn to DVD.

You may take a look at our DVD authoring how-to list of applications, to get a flavour as to some of the applications that are available for DVD authoring:
Applications - DVD Authoring Tools - openSUSE Forums

A lot depends on how fancy you want the DVD menus to be on the new DVDs you create.

As long as you are in essence backing up the content of your legally purchased DVDs, I don’t think you will many objections here.