looking for ches game

i instaled gnuchess from yast but its not in the menu, when i do a search from on top of menu, doesnt pop up in list?..

is there anything else to install to go with gnuchess?

tried the same thing with phalanx cant find it to play it??

what was the name of the chess game that came with suse 10.3 gnome?
i tried brutalchess but no good, didnt like it…

You are best off to use a front end gui to play gnuchess. I typically use xboard. With xboard and gnuchess installed, for a quick game, you can start it from an xterm/konsole with:
xboard -fcp gnuchess -size medium

With xboard and phalanx installed, the following works:
board -fcp phalanx -size medium

or if you wish to watch phalanx play against gnuchess:
xboard -scp gnuchess -fcp phalanx -size medium -mode ‘TwoMachines’
and give it about 20 to 30 seconds to setup, before you conclude it doesn’t work.

crafty used to come with openSUSE-10.1. But it was not included with openSUSE-10.3 nor with 11.0. But its an easy program to download and custom compile.

Take a look at the openSUSE chess wiki. … I added the various chess programs I tried to the wiki :
Games/Chess - openSUSE

… my view (when I contributed to that wiki) was that ‘spike’ was the strongest native Linux chess program.

i dont particularly want a chess game i have to use a konsole to open, which, if any, dont need to be opened by a konsole…

i liked the chess gamee on 10.3 gnome, i wish i remembered the name of it

it was glChess gnome games…
does that mean if it says gnome i cant install it on kde4 suse 11?

diablo1, I recommend you spend some time to learn a bit about your desktop/window manager.

Those konsole commands are examples, that you can then apply to an icon for quick launch.

For example, in kde-3.5.x, it is very easy to create an icon in one’s desktop, or in the KMenu, for launching an application. One simply pastes in the konsole command.

i didnt think of that
ill try to make a shortcut launch icon

i opened gnuchess and phalanx and it plays inside the konsole its only text, right? no fancy display program

Dreamchess seems like what you maybe after can’t find an rpm and never tried on Suse.

DreamChess | Downloads

But try a tar.gz install finishing with checkinstall, no ideal but easy.

Has its own chess engine, but will play using crafty think gnuchess to not tried to many.

Also have knights but IMO not as nice as Dreamchess

knights is better than all the others that come with suse 11 kde4

can i install a gz with yast, right click on package open with - install software


No you have to read the install instructions there’s normally a readme inside or the site will have install instructions.


make install

Now I don’t recommend make install as removing it will be a pain. But instead use checkinstall this will allow painless removal.

But this isn’t for a novice should you encounter errors it may get tricky chasing dependecies. You could install glchess if you really want I haven’t got clue what extra deps it will bring in though.

i found this dreamchess RPM, dreamchess-0.1.0-1.i586.rpm : 19-Nov-2007 2130
located at http://ftp.icm.edu.pl/packages/linux-pld-linux/dists/2.0/updates/i586/

is this good, safe , compatable with my suse 11 kde 4 or is it too old?


My opensuse 11 kde4 is i586 and kernel is Linux kernel i686

You could try but not sure it would work.

If it doesn’t you could try finding the src rpm and rebuilding or ask nicely at Packman maybe a package they wouldn’t mind hosting.

May even find the tar.gz goes trouble free.

hey its working!! ran it for about 15 minutes, no problems
hopefully i dont see any conflicts in the future


If any of you come across a good Chinese chess game, let me know! I’m a BIT picky about it (overly so since I’m not 100% on the rules ;)) but I prefer the board to actually have the Chinese characters since I’m studying Chinese. Thanks!