Looking for cd/dvd burning app with security/logging


I am looking for a cd/dvd burning app with built in logging, and or user control

we have a server here with a burner in, and i need to allow certain users to be able to burn cd’s, but not others, and i need to log what that person has burnt onto cd, i.e provide a full audit trail

either looking for a commercial or free product, have been looking around but not found anything yet, anyone have any ideas?



I’m not sure about the logging portion but you could create a specific
burning group and only allow certain users in that group.

There is a web based CD/DVD writing app called webcdwriter which allows a writer to be shared on a LAN. Users connect to it using a Java applet. You can apply the usual authentication restrictions as it’s a web resource. There is a free version and a paid-for pro version. Google for it.