Looking for assurances before committing to OpenSuse 11.3


I have some questions that arose from a recent install (and subsequent de-install) of OpenSuse 11.3

I chose Gnome for my laptop DE experience.
I must say that after the install the system seemed to be very quick to get common tasks done and felt “durable”. No hesitation from Gnome at all.

I went to install some stuff that I need to make my life as a remote Tech manageable…

  1. gnome-rdp

I checked Yast but could not find any reference to gnome-rdp.
Judging from techie experience, I suspect that I may have needed to install some additional REPOs.

I prefer Gnome-rdp and not another client, Thank You.

I have installed Virtualbox and OpenSuse 11.3 on top of it and hopefully, getting comfortable with a “test” environment for my “issues”

All the other software I will need to install can be done by ./configure && make && sudo make install, or by right-mouse clicking an archive and let gnome handlers deal with installing them, I HOPE.

I’ve read this NEW Users - Suse-11.3 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ

NEW Users - openSuse Pre-install (general) – PLEASE READ


SDB:Zypper usage 11.3 - openSUSE

But if I can’t find the package, the installer won’t matter.

I remain hopeful.
Thank you for your time.

Hi Habitual,

A quick Google gave me this link: Remote Desktop xrdp / rdp in openSUSE 11.2 and 11.3 – the quick version | Hardware - Top News | Newsodrome and from that site you get this Index of /rdprepo which has xrdp… now I don’t know either so I am not sure that is going to help you much…

However I think this might :wink: PackMan :: Package details for gnome-rdp


PS - Not sure this is the right section to be asking technical questions BTW… http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-help-here/ is the correct section for this…

Hi Habitual,

Welcome to openSUSE. As said by nlsthzn (wow! how do you think you pronounce this pseudo… :stuck_out_tongue: ), gnome-rdp is indeed in the repo Packman. If you need information about package repositories, check this page : Package repositories - openSUSE

You’ll find there all the repos you need.

And don’t hesitate, if you’re unsure, to ask questions. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the information.
I shall be more attentive and use Get Help Here in the future.

and installed…

Thank you for your time.

Don’t do that, at least not before getting a deeper knowledge of your new operating system. Especially ‘make install’ is a very bad way of installing packages, as it does not inform the package manager about it, which can lead to chaos. In case you’d have to compile a package yourself (which is pretty unlikely, as the repositories of openSUSE contain a huge choice) you should learn how to create a proper package (.rpm in case of SuSE) that can be installed with the package manager (in case of SuSE: YaST or zypper).

I agree with gropiuskalle here. Another thing to avoid is the 1-click install. It will add repositories to zypper/YaST and create conflicts. If you’re a master of dealing with conflicts, then fine. Otherwise avoid the 1-click.

Adding repositories is optional. There is a checkbox ticked by default that can easily be changed.

All Right … but just a couple lines about NoMachine NX and/or its Open source equivalent FreeNX, available from the RemoteDesktop in case you never heard of them.

Both let you open Gnome (but also KDE or xdm) sessions on the server. X doesn’t need to run on the server. There are available clients for all OS (Windows, Mac OsX, BSD). The Nomachine client ist free. There is also a java plugin which works very well on systems which don’t have the client installed. Nomachine is commercial software and the server in its free version allows only one connection. FreeNX is Open source and doesn’t have that limitation. They can both be installed and work together on a different port. They use SSH encryption.

Just to let you know.

Btw, a good warrior has no habitsl (Carlos Castaneda) :slight_smile:

This is true, but how many see it?

Sorry for the off-topic… This is worrying… just had a quick look and I have repo’s from nVidia and VLC enabled which I was not aware off… :confused: and I really see 1-click as such a powerful tool to get my system becoming productive to me fast (have already installed 11.3 four times in two days and I am getting good at setting it up the way I like with 1-click in a few short hours…)

But now I am not so sure about it any longer… might be best in the long run to learn the harder (safer) way, until 1-click is maybe enhanced and maybe becomes slightly more “official” and more embraced as the standard way of doing things).

I didn’t…


And even when unticking that checkbox, oneclickers can still cause trouble. Packages should only be installed by using trusted and known repositories.

Instead of leading people away from this feature, it would to make more sense to alert them of this step. I would think most people pay attention to these details when adding software to their system, but they may be inclined to follow the default configuration.

True, but but that isn’t a problem of the one-click, it’s something people should be aware of by any installation method.

Agreed. 1-click is a nice idea, but it doesn’t quite work as well as maybe it should.

Perhaps. But I think they way it should be is instead of having it checked by default, have it unchecked by default. That would save a lot of headaches right there. It’d also be nice if it could scan the other repos and add subsequent repos to fullfill any dependancy issues. That’s true 1-click.