Looking for Assistence in Fine Tunning SPEC Files

I’m a complete noob at this. I’m not really interested in making packages as hobby nor do I plan on doing this a lot. But the ones I do make I needed and couldn’t find any where. So I figured I’d share them on the build service. From the following link you should be able to see the ones I need help with.


All I need is some help fixing the SPEC files and once they all work I’ll probably wont be on the build service for a long time. Also if any one wants to take over on any of these let me know. I noticed some people where building packages for the same software. I bet that’s eating up a hell of lot of memory on those servers.

I’ve fixed the spec file for kboincspy. See “How is my contribution handled?” in Build Service/Collaboration - openSUSE for what you should do to integrate my changes.

Inexperienced as you are, you should download kismet packages from the buildservice. Just search for kismet on Software.openSUSE.org.