looking for an ERP

I’m looking for an ERP for our small business. We have two offices in different cities but we would like to have only one ERP managing the two offices.
We use openSuSE 12.
I’ve tried openERP but the installation of openERP server v7 has been very difficult and the server crashes every day. Configuration of the account application has also brought some problems.
So I downloaded openbravo v2.5 and tried to install this one as described in the README.
Java programs have compiled successfully but I think the product is not correctly installed.
README says to deploy war file into tomcat2/webapps directory. Well I haven’t any war file …
So, I would like to know if there is an ERP (with french tax) which can be correctly and efficently installed on openSuSE ?
If this is not possible which distro would be the more suitable to install such product ?


Although I can’t personally recommend a specific ERP,

I generally recommend careful investigation when evaluating a Line of Business app like ERP. Although you’ll likely find some basic, common functionality across most similar products, because every individual business and how it’s run is different, you should be considering more than just “what works.” When you think you’ve chosen something that fills your needs, then look at what it requires, and how to get it installed and stable.

A starting point might be to look for lists of ERP software, Wikipedia is one possible source

Sometimes apps will also deploy live demo instances, this is common for CRM solutions where there are whole websites where you pick and choose many/any from one site.

Because I’ve got a thrifty streak, I’d consider the GPL licensed apps before looking at the others which likely cost something.
And, of course Google reviews for specific apps.

In general, when I evaluate LOB apps which need to be reliable… My first investigations include

  • Fundamental structure, does it fit my needs? Web based apps can be accessed easily from any location using a web browser and usually without special components. This would eliminate or minimize client support issues.
  • Maintenance. Is the software actively supported and maintained? Look at the release and bug history. You <want> to see an ongoing series of fixes leading up to today. Anything without some change over 6mths would be suspicious and anything without change over a year should definitely be avoided.
  • Support. What kind of support - Community (mail list, Forums, IRC, Wiki)? Paid Individual? And does the Support actually work? *(Test!)

After narrowing down to maybe a “Top 3,” Deploy them all and run some trials side by side. Can be only for a short time, sometimes within hours I can tell quickly which one likely works better than the others.

And sometime during this trial period you should also be able to iron out the problems installing the app(s). If you run into problems installing the app, either take advantage of (and test!) the app’s software support system or ask questions here.

Just saying, IMO a LOB app shouldn’t be selected just because it was the one app which was installed successfully…


After compilation the ant will probably give you a file named abc.war
jut dump this inside tomcat2/webapps directory and start tomcat and your application would be ready to use

Thanks for your answers
We made the choice of openERP/openBravo after a software selection like you suggest it.
But the fundamental problem is they don’t install easily and correctly on openSuSE.
Yes, we can pay service or open threads on forums … I’ve already passed much time on openerp ; openbravo has definitively not created a file *.war in spite of a successfull installation procedure ; so I guess, and that’s why I posted my question, that perhaps none of both may be installed on an openSuSE.
Does someone use every day openERP(community) or openBravo(community) on openSuSE ?

On 07/04/2013 03:36 PM, lapinux wrote:
> Does someone use every day openERP(community) or openBravo(community)
> on openSuSE ?

i googled ERP and learned the first word in its name is “Enterprise”
which in my experience around here means commercial software (or
purchased with money software) and i therefore guess you might find
it easier to use open source ERP on a commercial Linux, like SUSE
Linux Enterprise Server <from suse.com> or Red Hat Enterprise Linux
<from redhat.com> or i think Ubuntu has a commercial variety, and
there are others…

or maybe you would move forward faster by finding an openERP or
openBravo forum and learn there which Linux distro is best to install
and run ERP on…

for all i know you might find many many there who run on openSUSE,
but this google

shows really very few (only 36 hits in over five years) mentions of
openERP or openBravo in these forums…so, i can only guess that
there must be an easier route to a smile…

on the other hand, the very next person to read your question might
have been running ERP on a multinational corporations far-flung
network and can get you going before the weekend…so, stay
tuned–you ARE welcome…



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If you want we could get you the latest MTR from Oracle. Yes it has french localization as well.

Give me a buzz if you’d like more info.

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