Looking for Advice on UEFI RAID 10 Setup Before It's too late

This is my first post here. I’ve been using UNIX flavors for a long time, both at home and work. At home I’ve had Red Hat, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch Linux and I’ve been trying out openSUSE on a laptop. Some years ago I decided to make a basic home RAID. I think this was when Ubuntu started with a G. I used a Shuttle computer to do a Ubuntu software RAID 1. I got it working and it served as a music server and backup for the various laptops. It worked well. Both initial drives failed and were replaced and it kept rolling. It seems to be at end of life now and is flaky so it is mostly turned off. That was an excuse to go nuts on a replacement.

I took an old ATX case and replaced all the innards with new power supply and fans. I got an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 with AMD CPU and started putting it together. It’s UEFI so I was thinking of making it a UEFI RAID 10. I’m planning to use a Kingston SSD for boot. I have four 2T drives ready. Last night I got all the parts working. I made it into the RAID setup menu. I figured I’d use the RAID menu to flatten the drives first to make sure they don’t have any problems. That takes awhile. I started one before I went to bed and one when I got up. Anyways all of them probably won’t be ready until tomorrow so I’m searching and trying to figure out how to do it right. When I did the Shuttle years ago it took a lot of attempts to get it right.

I’m still debating whether to make the SSD dual boot of Linux Mint and openSUSE or just one of these. I’ve used Rufus to burn GPT partition USB’s of both. When the USB comes up it will find a UEFI RAID configured by the firmware and an SSD. I’m still a bit unclear on how this RAID info will get onto the EFI b0ot so that it will see a RAID and not four drives or how to get it into there before I do something to mess it up.

Are there any special settings I should use when I boot up the USB and start the install?