Looking for a SIP softphone client

At office there’s an Asterisk VoIP server. Windows users use either Zoiper or 3CX clients. But I was wondering if there’s a known free open client for Leap (or Linux in general).

Before you mention it, neither Ekiga nor Empathy (which seemingly replaced the former or something like that) are very convincent for me due to this, this and this (1st and 3rd ones I didn’t consider them precisely as “solved” by the way…)

After a quick search I found a short list of free clients ; among Linux ones all seem to be either very slowly developed (latest stable dating more than a year ago) or no longer at all (several years since latest stable). Even so, some of the most mentioned ones around internet seem to be Twinkle and Linphone.

Do you know about a good SIP client you could advise for?


I might not quite get your question but aren’t skype and viber voip?
both have linux ports both have free calling/messaging within their networks and payed outbound calls

Truth to be told I was kind of expecting someone could suggest a good “known” non-proprietary SIP client for Leap preferably available in repos, imagining there exists and there’s someone who could know…

Now if that was not the case, I think then I would need to stick to something like Zoiper…

In your opening post you mentioned “At office there’s an Asterisk VoIP server” so I assume that the choice of Linux client will be constrained by this requirement.

See if Ring (formerly SFLphone) meets your objectives…

FWIW, I myself only use Viber these days.

Third-party OBS packages…

I’m not sure what in your first links are relevant… They describe IRC and text editors (at least when I click on them). None of them relate to VOIP clients.

Been awhile since I’ve used a “soft phone.”
Since your Asterisk is “in-house” I doubt that you should have any problems with any VoIP client, they should all work and you shouldn’t have any particularly difficult networking difficulties (SIP is difficult to cross firewalls and NAT).
So, then the question becomes what kind of features you want/need.
I remember having no issues using linphone for awhile.

I imagine almost all if not all the open source VoIP clients should be available in the OSS.
Maybe you should try them all out… :slight_smile:


Ekiga and Empathy are GNOME based -and second one is included by default-, and the 3 links I mentioned after them were to illustrate what “bad” unresolved issues I have globally had with GNOME so far, thus why those 2 clients are no option.

In general I thought there were one or two “favorite” well known SIP clients in OSS without having to forcibly rely on third party rpms. Later guess doesn’t look totally wrong (yet), but former one…

That’s a contrived notion. Use what works for you.