Looking for a linux equivalent to Pop Peeper for windows...

Is anybody aware of a program of a similar nature and feature set to that of pop peeper for windows?

It’s an ultra light weight email “client” that resides in the task bar and runs constantly with new email notifications, pop and smtp capabilities as well as webmail receive/send capability.

A lot of new (Windows) computers come with Splashtop or Express Gate as Asus calls it which is an ultra lightweight Linux system which does that and more.

I’m sure you should be able to configure your email client to do this in the background anyway.

you can do it with kmail

Will kmail check webmail accounts as well? Or is there a plugin for that functionality? Specifically yahoo webmail (not yahoo via pop3… as I refuse to pay for that functionality…)

I think Mail Notification is what your after or there is a firefox plugin here