Looking for a good green GTK theme

I was looking through gnome-look.org for a good theme to use with OpenSuse in Gnome but the two I found that looked good didnt’t work and the rest I didn’t like. Do you guys know or use a theme with Open Suse that’s green? Or could anyone help me getting these to work in Suse?

Black & Green GNOME-Look.org

GlossyGreen GNOME-Look.org

Thanks in advanced.

The first one should install via the control centre, the second one has
a readme file.

For GlossyGreen

Included are:

1.) Clearlooks Glossy mod called GlossyGreen
2.) xfwm4 glossy window theme called New-xfce4.4.2
3.) I also included my gtkrc-2.0 for a darker panel in xfce... this
isn't needed in Gnome.

Put the Clearlooks "GlossyGreen" theme into: /usr/share/themes
Put the xfwm4 window theme "New-xfce4.4.2" into: /usr/share/themes
and copy and paste the .gtkrc-2.0 into your home folder.

I normally just modify existing ones via the control centre.

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And what do you mean by control center? The only thing that has control center in its name is the Ati Control Center which I don’t think is what you mean. I normally just go the the “appearance” option in “Utilities” when you open “more applications” in gnome and tell it to install it. But that’s not working for me. And I’ll try the instructions for the second one. Thanks.

When you click on the ‘Computer’ icon and the slab menu appears, it’s
on the right hand side section called ‘System’ second item down :slight_smile: But
I think your just getting to the same thing, just a bit longer way :wink:

The first one installed fine, you just need to select the customize
button to configure your current theme to use it by the looks.

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