looking for a couple games

im looking for a couple games for when the grankids come down. they like to play zuma and bejeweled which are both windoze games. is there anything like them for Suse? they range from 5 to 14. what are some other good games for kids?

  • dog soldier,

zuma and bejeweled should be available as Flash games on the web, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
One of my all time favorites on Opensuse is “Frozen Bubble”.
Also check into “World of Goo”. It costs money, but a free demo is available.


Astromenace, armagetronad, enigma, glest, scorched3d, lbreakout2, variants of nethack, chromium-bsu

A few to get you going though I’m more a go fan or chess which I recommend Gnugo with cgoban and dreamchess DreamChess | DreamChess seems to take the standard chess engines. Certainly gnuchess and crafty and has its own which is weaker still. Then you have pysol if looking for patience type of games.

Then you have…
The Linux Game Tome

thanks for the suggestions. the world of goo demo is a blast. may have to buy that one.got frozen bubbles also.now to check out the others lol!