Looking for a better sound-theme for xfce

Anyone can recommend a nice sound-theme for xfce
that has a working login sound.
Right now I am using Yaru but it has only a few sound choices.
I am using a custom sound to play when I login
to xfce because the yaru desktop-login.ogg wont work.
It maybe I am missing something with xfce system sound,
any tips will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

That’s a very subjective request :wink:

I can’t recommend any particular sound theme, but nearly all my notifications are custom sounds I’ve created myself.

If you want something “different”, but don’t want to create it yourself, and you’re prepared to trawl through numerous sound clips, take a look (or rather listen) here: https://freesound.org/browse/

Thanks, I see it in your avatar.
I find it always hard to chose when face with hundreds of selectionslol!