Long waiting time for WiFi connection after first log-in


I am on KDE and for a long time on different laptops (so not a hardware issue probably) i am seeing this problem of very long waiting time for connecting to a known wifi. If during that i disable and enable wifi it connects very fast. Back in time this was the case with the first log in as well, but now i am facing this issue. It says “Waiting For Authorization”. What do you think about this problem?


Ok, for now i solved it by changing the option in the network manager to store the password not encrypted and for all users. Don’t like it much, but still works… Connects lightning fast after login to wifi now.


In my experience, that’s the best setup. I have not had your particular problem. But I do store the password that way.

Two things to note:

(1) Although the password is stored unencrypted, it is in a file readable only by root. So other users on your system cannot actually see it.

(2) Other user cannot use it to connect, unless you have also set your connect to be shared with all users. And if you set it to be shared by all users, then it requires the root password to make changes to the connection. This setup is not as insecure as it sounds.

The main effect: you are connected as soon as you login. Even a command line login will connect you. And if you also share the connection with other users, then you are connected before you login.