long delay waiting for "start job" setting alias for NFS, every boot

When booting 42.1 and 42.2, the process is held up by a “start job” that apparently isn’t finding the NSF server on the local network. The delay can run as long as 5 minutes. That may be followed by another delay, which may have a time limit or not. This evening I saw a time limit extended when the first expired–total boot time almost 10 minutes. Years ago I found a solution in a configuration of a timeout value. I don’t recall how, and can’t locate that post in this forum. Would appreciate a pointer to the way to configure timeouts for boot processes.

In /etc/fstab add nofail to the parameters for the NFS partition

This is what the end of the fstab file looks like now. I hope the “nofail” is in the right place–I don’t know where else to put it.
However, rebooting with the NFS server shut down still required about 3 minutes for “Start Job: alias for NFS client” to time out. What have I missed?

6e15-490e-99ea-070f9d7c1e0f    /var/spool    btrfs    subvol=@/var/spool 0 0 
UUID=ddfa1b6f-6e15-490e-99ea-070f9d7c1e0f    /var/tmp    btrfs    subvol=@/var/tmp 0 0 
UUID=ddfa1b6f-6e15-490e-99ea-070f9d7c1e0f    /.snapshots    btrfs    subvol=@/.snapshots 0 0 
UUID=b0cbe487-7dc6-4e2e-9d9d-96c0095c3ed8    /home    ext4    defaults 1 2    /DataonK    nfs    rw,nofail 0 0