Long delay on start network routing


I’m having an issue I’m unable to diagnose with routing

System: Dell Precision M6400
OS: Opensuse 11.1 X86-64
GUI: Gnome (11.1-0)
No avahi (I thougt it was the guilty)

When start the system, routing outside LAN takes a HUGE delay (maybe 10 minutes). Then opperates flawlessly.

I can access any host on the LAN (router included), but the system doesn’t route outside, not with wireless, nor wired connection.

No matter static of DHCP configuration.

All routing tables look OK.

Some ideas to diagnose?.

Thanks in advance


Try pinging an outside host to see where the delay is.

I’ve done allready. For some minutes I can only find hosts INSIDE the LAN (192.168.1.*)

If I try to ping the dns servers, for example, I get the error “no route to host”.

Who controls your router and what is the general form of the connection to the internet? Can you ping both interfaces of the router without this delay?

We have a LAN network with mixed machines, mainly running windows. The net is linked to internet via an common ADSL router (I mean Ovislink, I’ll verify). I can ping it with typical LAN resonse time (local interface). I have to try the WAN interface.

This problem is exclusive of the 11.1 installation. It doesn’t happen with Windows machines.

I suspect that there is a running process that blocks network for a while, don’t know if as a collateral effect.