Logwatch in 12.3

Logwatch in 12.3 is totally broken. It appears that the date format changed in /var/log/message. My log is:

2013-03-15T10:43:29.921290-06:00 linux kernel: 2.747016] 3w-9xxx: scsi2: Firmware FE9X, BIOS BE9X, Ports: 4.

From running logwatch in debug, and examining previous log files on the server, it appears the old format would have been:

Mar 13 …

It would be really nice if this package got fixed ASAP, particularly since there’s a section in the manual on using Logwatch.

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I have a bit a problem in the way you put your question. It seems as if you think that we can repair anything. Here on the forums we are openSUSE users like you. In a case like this you can ask here if you think rightly that there is something broken and if others have the same and if anybody knows a cure or by-pass.

The result of the discussion could be that people here advise you to file a bug at openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE (same username and password as here). For you this will have the advantages that:

  1. you are sure others also think it is a bug and you did not make an interpretation mistake;
  2. after the discussion you will have a better idea on how to file the bug in a correct and documented way;
  3. when you the file the link to the report here, others can go there and support you with e.g. further evidence.

But these forums are not for bug reports and we are not the developers.

The format change is probably not a bug. The format displayed is per RFC
3339. See section 5.8 for examples at the following URL:


> 2013-03-15T10:43:29.921290-06:00 linux kernel: 2.747016] 3w-9xxx:

This is just YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS.iiiiii-zz:zz

YYYY = four-digit year, mm = two-digit month, dd = two-digit day, ‘T’ is
just a T to indicate the time follows, HH = hour portion in 24-hour
format, MM = minutes, SS = seconds, iiiiii = microseconds, and zz:zz is
the timezone offset.

Good luck.

But these forums are not for bug reports and we are not the developers.

You’ll have to excuse me for letting my frustration out. I’ve had a bad time with 12.3. Here are just the highlights

When upgrading:

  • Postfix /etc/postfix/main.cf and /etc/postfix/master.cf get overwritten
  • Courier IMAP gets removed without explanation
  • Lots of services don’t get marked as auto-start.
  • Network interfaces are screwed up if you have a fixed address. The IF shows, but then gets disabled after a minute or so. The workaround is to change the interface to user managed, and then changed it back to traditional with IFUP
  • Logwatch is broken
  • MRTG is broken and gives an error message every time it’s run.
  • X is pretty hit or miss and there’s no obvious way to configure it to work.

I feel with when you are frustrated, but it would have been better when you would for each of those subject had either started here a thread in the appropriate (sub)forums with a good telling title, or filed a bug-report when you where sure you had a good documented bug case.

Much better then letting your frustration loose on us your fellow users.