Logs in, then crashes every time. Gnome - Suse 13.2

Hello there,

Been a linux user for a while but i recently switched to suse 13.2 after using it on a friends PC. So i installed it, no problems there, and i am pretty much using a vanilla copy of it, no modifications other than installing Yandex Browser. Unfortunately, every time i turn it on a log in usually within 5 minutes Suse detects a problem and tells me to log out and back in again, the message only partially takes up the screen and the background is still responsive no issues, but this message will not go away. Once i have logged out and back in again that will be the last i hear of the problem. However, when i am on it for extended periods of time, in excess of 2 hours the x.org server will crash, restarting the xserver or the display manager will both not succeed and i have to reboot the machine.

My PC is reasonably standard,
4gb Ram
Radeon HD7870

You will have to forgive the lack of details, i am not terrible sure what relevant logs to post, so if you need any just let me know where to find them!


Show us the output of** top** and /var/logs/xorg.0.log.

Taking 5 minutes to boot is far too long. So something is not right and a process that is blocking the boot is timing out