Logrotate firing without reason

Never mind,

I had an Apache logfile being rotated

but the “weekly” criterium of the base logrotate.conf configuration
was still in effect.

And when I disabled the size criterium in apache2.conf


The “weekly” criterium came back into effect.

But, when it rotated it failed to restart Apache2:

[FONT=courier new]Jun 08 00:00:02 host logrotate[11223]: apache2.service is not active, cannot reload.

[/FONT]The httpd_prefork instances all kept running and the apache instance kept writing to the old logfile, that was now unlinked.

This sounds like it is working correctly; is there a reason you think it
is not?

From the logtorate.conf manpage:

minsize  size
Log files are rotated when they grow bigger than size bytes, but not
before the additionally specified time interval (daily, weekly, monthly,
or yearly).  The related size option is similar except that it is mutually
exclusive with the time  interval
options, and it causes log files to be rotated without
regard for the last rotation time.  When minsize is used, both the size
and timestamp of a log file are considered.

size size
Log  files  are  rotated only if they grow bigger then size bytes.
If size is followed by k, the size is assumed to be in kilobytes.  If the
M is used, the size is in megabytes, and if G is used, the size is in
gigabytes. So size 100, size 100k, size 100M and size 100G are all valid.

Please pardon the typo in the ‘size’ description there; it’s not mine.

You commented out, i.e. took away, the size parameter, so now the system
is no longer constrained to rotate only when the file is greater than
4096k, and instead will rotate when the other requirements are met
(notifempty is the only one that stands out to me).

Good luck.

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I initially did not understand that the weekly parameter from the main config would take effect without the size, because the size overrules all “time” parameters.

Apparently so in any case.

I then edited my post to change it from being a question.