Logout, Turnoff, Restart

First, openSuse 11.4 64bit fresh install, KDE 4.6.0. Clicking on the “Adios” button brings up a window offering the Logout, Turnoff and Restart options. In openSuse 11.3 the Restart option had a drop down menu which allowed one to choose the operating system to restart. This useful feature seems to have disappeared in 11.4. Is there any way in which I can reinstate it?

There must be a way to get it back, because I do have it, although I am strictly speaking on KDE 4.6.1.

It is probably that you need to tell KDE about your Bootmanager, e.g. Grub. And the only place that I can find atm where to do that is the Login Manager. You can find that in Personal Settings > Login Screen > Shutdown.

Maybe it works straight away. Maybe after logging in anew. Maybe not at all.

My Lord, you are brilliant! It worked first go, and I would never have found out this trick for myself. Thank you!

Personal Settings > Login Screen > Shutdown.
On my system it is System Settings > System Administration > Login Screen; then ‘shutdown’ tab. Select ‘grub’ from the dropdown options under Boot Manager, restart KDE.

That is the same place. :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks miniminor for confirming. :good:

Agreed, but it wasn’t too difficult to work out what his Lordship meant!

Quite, and big thanks to Lord Em for the pointer, I would not have found it alone either, I just thought that it might be useful to some to clarify the exact sequence.