logout problem

hi all
i’ve a problem
my user is logging out with no reason … iam using it and suddenly i found the screen of logout and login again

the /var/log/messages before logging out is:

May 16 23:54:16 Elkhedewy-Host pulseaudio[3516]: module-alsa-sink.c: Increasing wakeup watermark to 40.00 ms
May 16 23:55:46 Elkhedewy-Host smartd[2759]: Device: /dev/sda [SAT], 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
May 16 23:55:46 Elkhedewy-Host smartd[2759]: Device: /dev/sda [SAT], SMART Usage Attribute: 194 Temperature_Celsius changed from 127 to 130

so how to solve it?

from what i see in that log it is hardware issue with your drive.
it seems to be overheating… and misreading.
i would check the ventilation on your system… is it a laptop? or desktop?
laptops may require a little dusting around the grill for the vents…and/or a chill pad (basicly a special laptop fan unit)

if a desktop you may need to clean out some dust and make sure all your fans are working, you may need an extra fan to keep the system cool.

and check that harddrive it may need to be replace…
back up your data asap! :slight_smile:

thank you … and i’ll do what you told me to do and i’ll see what will happen
thank you and if anyone have any other solution so just please help

The crashing of your desktop has nothing to do with the last writes in /var/boot/messages. The messages printed are completely normal, i have them on all my systems.
You might find some info in /home/YOURUSERNAME/.xsession-errors , but my guess is that you have some plasma-applet running on your desktop that’s crashing your X-server (cause that is what’s happening)
Do you have desktop-effects on? What video-card?