Logout/ lock widget display problem on panel

I remember this was discussed some time ago but I cannot find the thread any more. I was just wondering if others are still seeing the same problem . I’ve had this all through 4.4.3 and now with 4.4.4.

For some reason if only the logout or lock button is selected and placed on the far right of the panel then part of the button is chopped off. This only happens with the panel locked. If both buttons are selected then they display correctly. I also notice that when only one button is selected that it’s size is slightly smaller than when both are selected. Also it only seems to be the logout/lock widget that has this problem.

Single button selected and it gets chopped

Both buttons selected and they display correctly. also note the icon is slightly larger.

Logout/lock widget swapped position and no problem.

I think you could circumnavigate the problem of the chopped widget by placing a small spacer onto the right end of the panel, even if that does not really solve the problem.