logitech webcam c310 not working in suse 12.3

logitech webcam c310 not working in suse 12.3

On 08/13/2013 11:36 AM, WadkeDeven wrote:
> logitech webcam c310 not working in suse 12.3

sorry to hear you are having problems…please give us some more
information to go on…like:

-what desktop environment and version is in use

-what application(s) did you try which were unable to use the webcam?
(like Cheese, Skype, WebCam Studio, ZoneMinder, Motion Ekiga,
HasciiCam, Google Chat/Hangouts, what??)

-with your webcam plugged in and powered up, please show us the
terminal output and input, as well as the beginning prompt and exit
prompt, from


copy/paste the in/output back to this thread using the instructions
here: http://goo.gl/i3wnr

these may also be helpful:


Further to DenverD’s post, the C310 does work in openSUSE-12.3.

My understanding is it is a UVC compatible webcam (and it uses the uvc driver) which comes with a basic openSUSE. I prefer to test my UVC compatible web with the application (packaged by packman packagers) guvcview

Some speculation on my part : Note if you are using Skype application with your webcam, then you really should follow the guidance here to get Skype working: https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Skype