Logitech mx518?

I just bought myself a new mouse, a Logitech mx518.

It’s got quite a few more buttons than my last one, and I’ve been trying to configure the extra-buttons.

Mostly I’ve succeeded. Left, right, and wheel works out of the box as expected. Using xbindkeys I’ve managed to set up the back and forward buttons to switch desktops. They too worked out of the box for back/forward in say firefox.

There’s one button that I’m having problems with though…it’s supposed to be used for switching windows (and I assume it works like that in Windows but I have no windows box to try with) and I’ve been trying to get it to invoke the “Present Windows” effect in KDE4.3.

I did manage to get it to do just that, using the xte command in my .xbindkeysrc file.

The problem is that, according to xev, the button in question is considered the same button as if you use the wheel as a button. So, if I configure the window-button to invoke present windows the wheel-“button” will do the same thing which obviously is not what I want. I prefer the wheel-button, or middle-button, to be used as paste as I’m used to.

Is there a way to circumvent that Linux considers the two buttons to be one and the same? If so, how?

Thanks in advance for any hints in solving this!