Logitech M510 Precision Issues [Wireless]

Hi All!
I’m fairly new to the OpenSUSE world but have been a Linux user for some time. I’m trying to get used to my wireless mouse again, just for kicks. And the one thing that has always annoyed me was the lack of pointer precision. For example with my wired mouse I can move the cursor over to an item and very precisely land in the middle of it. With this mouse I can move the cursor [same speed] and the cursor ends up being on the edge of an item instead of in the middle. So as you can imagine this is annoying in basic navigation, and lets not even mention gaming.

Now I did have this issue back with Windoze as well so it’s not a Linux thing I know. My question is more of, “Is there a way to increase it’s precision through settings in OpenSUSE?” since I know Linux is far more customizable than Windoze. Thanks!

P.S. Yes I did search forums already but nothing really helped.