Logitech is great

I just want to share my experience with Logitech and have to tell you, its great.
Originaly i had a LX8 mouse which had some issues with the left button. It produced double clicks for some reason.
So i went to Logitech and after a couple of back and forth mails, i got it replaced.

Today i got my package which was a wireless keyboard mouse set (MK550).
And, this was even without documentation.

I am very pleased with Logitech and can recomment it to anyone.

Did you had a similar experience? Share it. :slight_smile:


Good for you, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Have I had a similar experience? Not recently, but I did once hear a story about a guy who returned a dead parrot to the petshop. :smiley:

Perfect but expencive here in Hellas.:slight_smile:

Hello JoergJaeger,

That’s what they call good service!:wink:

I was composing a computer and when I bought the parts and assemble them.
Started it for the first time and everything seems to work.
Configured BIOS, installed openSUSE, rebooted a few times.

The BIOS took quite a lot of time to start so I tried to discover what it was.
It was an old CD-Rom drive, connected with IDE which took up ~14 seconds!:open_mouth:
So I disabled IDE in BIOS and thought it was the last I would see of it.

But next day when I started my computer it was again checking for IDE devices.
I entered BIOS and saw that every setting was gone.
The strange thing is that it only happens when the power is of.
First I thought it was the CMOS battery, but it wasn’t then I discovered that although the settings were deleted the date and time were correct.

Tested everything, but it all seemed fine, one thing left the motherboard.
Returned it to the shop and got a new one, same model.
Tested it and sadly same error, so I went back to the shop again.
They tested the motherboard, came to the same conclusion and they gave me two options:

  1. Try a new motherboard, same model.
  2. Take a equal motherboard in the same price range.

I chose the second option and the motherboard worked, I’m still using him.:slight_smile:

Good choice. I never really had trouble with motherboard per se, but in my case i had a blown PSU. I got it repaced from the manufacture free of charge. Since i did not had any PSU in the mean time, i choose what most people do. Got a ‘temp’ at Fry’s.
My PSU is from Hyper. Quite good, but not the best. My orginal PSU had a illuminated light, the new one does not have it. :frowning: But works and that what matters.
May i ask what motherboard manufacturer you use? Mine is Gigabyte. I used to have Asus all the time, but they are sometimes a real challange to configure (jumpers etc.).

Actually I own 2 razer diamondback mice. They both are 3 years old, used for heavy FPS gaming and they never produce double clicks :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards,

Hello JoergJaeger,

It was an Asus motherboard and the replacement was also an Asus motherboard.
The difference between them was that the one was designed for Intel P55.
And the replacement was for Intel H55, and one PCIe x16 slot less, but for the rest the same.