How can i login administrator?Or how i can change my property??

I have a pc with Suse(KDE) and windows XP…when i try to write in suse and after save the file in a folder of windows the system say that i can’t because i haven’t privileges…so i want to change my level in administrator so i can do all without log out and login as administrator!!I’m the only user of pc!!!
Thanks for reply and sorry for my english:::\

You don’t need to login as administrator, you need to change the writing permissons on your hard drive, that is described in this thread:
Copying to NTFS Partition - openSUSE Forums

Ok…thanks,now i can write on C…but how can i login administrator?

Although it is quit easy to login as root there is never a reason to login as root.
If you ask for a terminal >su>enter>password>enter you can do anything root can do.
Using the GUI as root it means that you do not see what the GUI is
hiding for you.
And in the future I believe that all the distros will disable root login , so try to get use to it
It is already done in Mandriva and Fedora

Read this first before doing things as root: SDB:Login as root - openSUSE