Login with SmartCard


Please, can any tell me how can I configure OpenSuse for login session (kde/gnome) using a certificate in a SmartCart (spanish DNIe).

i can’t ‘do’ the lingo on the page, but i think this might help:


indirecta amistosa: that page found using this search string:

site:opensuse.org login linux smart card DNIe


hope it works for you, let us know!!



That configuration is for DNIe and Firefox. I’ve done it following instrucions of DNIe manual and it works fine.

What I try is to use the smart card for starting session (kdm, gnome) or even others (ssh, telnet,ftp,…).

I’ve tried with pam_pkcs11 but not worked as hoped.


Tying the DNIe to log in authentication would not be a simple thing but it should be doable. One problem is that I believe that the authentication is tied to a web connection. An interesting article here Understanding the DNIe, Part I : Device Authentication « Limited Entropy Dot Com but not a lot of help in what you want to do.

I suppose that I’ll have to wait for.

I’ve tried configuring pam_pkcs11.conf but even I say to use
use_pkcs11_module = opensc it always uses nssdb (with ubuntu I didn’t have this problem, I had others).

I’ve also tried to download pam_pkcs11 source and compile it, but I found errors which don’t know how to solve…

I didn’t thought this was so difficult…

Thanks for your reply.

You may try to contact the guy that wrote the article I referenced, he seems knowledgable.