Login with Leap

OK, maybe this is a daft question but how do you login to Leap
as a user when the accounts are on a ldap server ?



Install and use a different displaymanager?

I don’t know exactly which ones support ldap, but sddm (the default on a KDE installation) doesn’t (yet) AFAIK.
I’d suggest trying kdm or gdm. No idea whether the former is on the installation DVD, but both are available in the online repo.

Or do a GNOME installation instead.

That said, I have no idea how you login via ldap on a released version either. :wink:
Never used that…

Ta, that worked


After a great deal of googling I discovered that it does work
as log as you don’t use the default theme that Leap uses. All
I have to find out now is how to stop SDDM displaying the
last user.


Oh. So it is an issue with KDE’s breeze theme only?
Might be worth a bug report then. Either here: Issues · sddm/sddm · GitHub or at http://bugs.kde.org/ (not sure which one is better in this case, the theme is actually part of KDE’s Plasma5 and developed by KDE)

All I have to find out now is how to stop SDDM displaying the
last user.

What exactly do you mean with that?

You can specify the minimum and maximum user id for users to be shown with the “MinimumUid” and “MaximumUid” options in /etc/sddm.conf, see “man sddm.conf”.
This can be set in Plasma5’s SDDM settings module too, but that doesn’t save it correctly at the moment.

Or you can hide certain users with the “HideUsers” option.

If you mean that you don’t want SDDM to remember the last logged in user, this can be done with the “RememberLastUser=false” option.

I tried the RememberLastUser option and it doesn’t
seem to do anything. However all things considered
Leap works pretty well at this stage. Since it’s only
M1, I’ve seen a lot worse that were much further
down the road than this.


Well, the question still is what you mean exactly. I’m not sure by your description.

If it’s auto login, you have to disable that in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager or YaST.