Login with ldap sss not set in pam ?

If I set a 12.3 machine up the same way as a 12.2 to use ldap to authenticate
every user except root gives incorrect password.

If I look in the 12.2 /etc/pam.d lots of modules refer to pam_sss.so however
if you look in the 12.3 machines, even thought it’s set to use sssd there are
no references to pam_sss.so in any file. Has 12.3 changed in such a way as
to deliberately try to confuse me :slight_smile: or is not setting up pam properly if you
want to authenticate using ldap.



PS this is RC1

You should open bug report. There is still time to fix it until final release.

I found a bug that was similar that was closed as fixed, so I added a comment
if it doesn’t get reopened I’ll add a new bug report. Not being able to login at all
is a bit of a show stopper :frowning: